Florida Police on the Lookout for Bizarre Toe-Sucking Intruder

A 20-year-old Florida man experienced a shocking awakening when he found a male intruder sucking on his toes. This disturbing incident occurred in his Bradenton home and has led to an ongoing police investigation.

Quick Facts

  • Unusual Home Invasion: The intruder entered the victim’s locked residence and was discovered sucking the sleeping man’s toes.
  • Physical Altercation: The victim confronted and fought the intruder, causing him to flee but not before he damaged property and claimed to have a gun.
  • Police Investigation: Despite a K-9 search and DNA evidence collection, the toe-sucking suspect remains at large, with police treating the case as a felony.

The bizarre encounter began when the victim, asleep in his home, awoke to find the stranger at his feet. Startled and assuming a robbery, the victim was informed by the intruder that his intent was to suck toes. A physical confrontation ensued, with the victim managing to drive the intruder out of the house.

Outside, the suspect threatened he had a gun and attempted to fondle the victim’s genital area, although no gun was seen. The victim continued to defend himself, causing the intruder to flee after breaking the home’s front window and damaging the victim’s car windshield.

The suspect, described as a bald, black male in his early 20s, left behind blood evidence, which police are using for DNA analysis. The incident has been classified as a felony burglary with assault/battery and criminal mischief, reflecting the seriousness of the crime. The police are actively seeking the suspect, who caused over $1000 in damages.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Home Invasion is central to this case. Home invasion is an illegal and usually forceful entry into an occupied, private dwelling with the intent to commit a violent crime against the occupants. It differs from burglary in its violent intent and is treated as a more serious crime. For more information, visit Home Invasion on Wikipedia.


What was the intruder’s intention according to the victim?

The intruder’s bizarre intention was to suck the victim’s toes, as stated during the confrontation, diverging from typical motives in home invasions.

How did the victim respond to the intrusion?

The victim engaged in a physical altercation with the intruder, successfully forcing him out of the house and defending himself against further assault.

What challenges do police face in apprehending the suspect?

The unique nature of the crime and lack of immediate identification of the suspect present challenges in the investigation, despite the collection of DNA evidence and ongoing search efforts.


Original article: Police Hunt Toe-Sucking Home Invader | The Smoking Gun