Arizona Felon Arrested for Robbery Over a Burrito

In a peculiar case of theft, Timothy Bell, a 29-year-old Arizona felon, was arrested for forcefully stealing a burrito from a man on a Phoenix street. This incident led to Bell facing a felony robbery charge.

Quick Facts

  • Robbery Over a Burrito: Timothy Bell, with a history of criminal convictions, forcefully took a burrito from a man, leading to his arrest on a felony robbery charge.
  • Victim’s Response: The victim promptly called 911 and followed Bell, aiding the police in locating and arresting the ex-con on a downtown Phoenix street.
  • Criminal Background: Bell’s rap sheet includes convictions for weapons possession, disorderly conduct, trespassing, and narcotics possession, highlighting a troubled history with the law.

The incident unfolded on a Phoenix street when Timothy Bell, known to the authorities as a transient with a criminal record, approached a man and forcefully took his burrito. Bell made threatening statements during the theft, prompting the victim to call 911 and follow him until the police arrived.

Upon his arrest, Bell was found in possession of the burrito wrapper, confirming the victim’s account. The value of the stolen burrito was less than $1000, yet the act of robbery elevated the crime to a felony level. Bell was subsequently booked into the Maricopa County jail, with no bond set, awaiting his arraignment scheduled for December 6 in Superior Court.

Bell’s criminal history includes two state prison terms and convictions for various offenses, including weapons possession and narcotics possession. He was currently on probation for a 2015 weapons misconduct conviction. This latest arrest for a seemingly minor theft underscores the complexities and challenges of repeat offenders in the criminal justice system.

For Further ReadingThe concept of Felony Robbery is central to this case. Felony robbery is a serious crime involving the taking of property from another person against their will, typically using force or fear. The severity of a robbery charge can vary based on factors such as the use of a weapon, the value of the stolen property, and the perpetrator’s criminal history. For more information, visit Robbery on Wikipedia.


What led to Timothy Bell’s arrest?

Bell was arrested for felony robbery after forcefully stealing a burrito from an individual on a Phoenix street, an act confirmed by his possession of the burrito wrapper at the time of arrest.

What are the potential consequences Bell faces?

Given his criminal history and the nature of the offense, Bell faces serious legal consequences, including potential jail time and a further criminal record, emphasizing the gravity of felony robbery charges.

How does Bell’s criminal history impact this case?

Bell’s extensive criminal background, including prior convictions and current probation status, likely influences the severity of the charges and the legal approach to his case, highlighting the challenges faced by repeat offenders in the criminal justice system.


Original article: Ex-Con Jailed On Grand Theft Burrito Charge | The Smoking Gun

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