Unusual Police Chase: Woman Arrested After Topless Bicycle Escape Attempt

In a bizarre incident, Courtney Backes, a 32-year-old woman, was arrested following a shoplifting spree in Florida. She attempted an escape by riding a bicycle topless down a highway. This unusual police chase highlights the erratic behavior sometimes associated with petty crimes. More details on this incident can be found in the original report.

Quick Facts

  • Courtney Backes, aged 32, was apprehended while riding a bicycle topless down a Florida highway, following a shoplifting incident at a clothing store.
  • Backes stole $19.99 flip flops and other items, and was last seen fleeing the scene on a bicycle through the parking lot.
  • Charged with retail theft and resisting arrest without violence, Backes was released on a $1000 bond. Her history includes a 2015 DUI conviction.

The incident began when Backes shoplifted from a clothing store on Okaloosa Island. An employee witnessed her placing items into her bag and exiting the store wearing the stolen flip flops. The store’s surveillance footage and eyewitness accounts provided critical evidence in identifying Backes as the perpetrator.

Following the theft, multiple 911 calls reported a woman riding erratically down Highway 98. A sheriff’s deputy, responding to these calls, encountered Backes, who was notably topless and riding a bicycle. Her nonchalant response and refusal to stop when asked by the deputy led to a brief pursuit before she was eventually apprehended.

Backes, who works as a bartender, was found in possession of the stolen goods upon her arrest. Her resistance to arrest and unique method of attempting to flee added to the charges against her. This incident has raised questions about the motivations and mental state behind such an unconventional escape attempt.

For Further ReadingIn this incident, shoplifting is a key element. Shoplifting is a criminal offense involving the unauthorized taking of goods from a retail establishment. It can range from petty thefts to more organized criminal activities. To understand more about this crime, refer to the Wikipedia article on Shoplifting.


What were the specific charges against Courtney Backes?
Courtney Backes was charged with retail theft and resisting arrest without violence. These charges are often brought in cases involving shoplifting and non-compliant behavior during an arrest.

How did the police manage to apprehend her?
The police apprehended Backes after a brief chase. She was riding a bicycle topless down the highway, which drew attention and led to her arrest.

What might have motivated her unusual escape attempt?
The motivation behind Backes’ unique escape attempt remains unclear. It might involve a combination of factors including impulse, desperation, or a possible lack of awareness of the severity of her actions.

Original article: Theft Suspect Caught Making Topless Getaway | The Smoking Gun

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