Iowa College Student Caught with Novelty “McLovin” ID at Bar

In a recent incident in Iowa City, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student was apprehended for possessing a fake ID while at a bar. The ID in question, humorously emulating the fictional character ‘McLovin’ from the movie Superbad, was discovered during a routine check at the Airliner Bar. For more details on this unusual encounter, read the full report here.

Quick Facts

  • Daniel Burleson, a 20-year-old business student at the University of Iowa, was found with a fake Hawaii ID bearing the name ‘McLovin’ and a June 1981 date of birth during a police check at the Airliner Bar.
  • The incident occurred around 12:30 AM, where Burleson was caught red-handed with an alcoholic drink. Upon questioning, he initially denied having a fake ID.
  • Burleson faced multiple charges including possession of a fake ID, public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, and being in a bar underage. He was later released from the Johnson County jail.

Daniel Burleson’s night out took an unexpected turn when local police conducted a routine inspection at the Airliner Bar in Iowa City. Burleson, noticeably underage, was found with an alcoholic drink in hand, leading to further inquiries by the police. This event highlights the ongoing issue of underage drinking and the lengths to which students might go to circumvent age restrictions in social settings.

Upon being asked for his identification, Burleson presented his real ID, which confirmed his underage status. However, a deeper inspection of his wallet revealed the novelty ‘McLovin’ ID, purchased off Amazon, a humorous nod to the popular film ‘Superbad’. This incident underscores the challenges law enforcement faces in identifying and addressing the use of fake IDs among youth, particularly in college environments where such occurrences are not uncommon.

Burleson’s arrest brings to light the consequences of underage drinking and the use of fake IDs. Charged with multiple misdemeanors, including public intoxication and possession of a fake ID, his case serves as a cautionary tale to other young individuals who might consider similar actions. The repercussions of such decisions not only involve legal consequences but can also have lasting impacts on a student’s academic and future professional life.

For Further ReadingIn the context of this incident, ‘Fake Identification Documents’ are a crucial topic. These documents are typically used to misrepresent one’s age or identity, often for the purpose of purchasing alcohol or gaining entry to age-restricted venues. The use of fake IDs is a significant legal issue, especially among college students. Authorities continuously strive to combat this problem through stricter laws and more sophisticated detection methods. For more information, visit the Wikipedia page.


What charges did Daniel Burleson face?
Daniel Burleson was charged with possession of a fake ID, public intoxication, minor in possession of alcohol, and being in a bar while underage.

Where did Burleson get the ‘McLovin’ ID?
He purchased the novelty ID from Amazon, which was a replica of the ‘McLovin’ ID featured in the film ‘Superbad’.

What are the potential consequences of using a fake ID?
Using a fake ID can lead to various legal consequences, including fines and possible jail time. It can also impact a student’s academic standing and future career opportunities.

Original article source: The Smoking Gun

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