Armed Threat Over Cold Burgers Leads to Arrest at McDonald’s

In a bizarre incident, two men in Florida faced felony charges for brandishing weapons at a McDonald’s employee over cold hamburgers. This event reflects a growing trend of drive-thru rage incidents. Read the full story about this McDonald’s confrontation.

Quick Facts

  • Jawan Davis and Jordon Dunn, both 20, were arrested in Palm Coast, Florida, after threatening a McDonald’s employee with guns due to dissatisfaction with the temperature of their food.
  • The incident occurred at a McDonald’s drive-thru window. The duo demanded their order of five burgers be remade, brandishing two pistols in a threatening manner.
  • Upon the arrival of police around 4 AM, the men were taken into custody. A search of their vehicle uncovered a stolen handgun, a BB gun, and marijuana.

Details of the Incident

The confrontation at the McDonald’s drive-thru window escalated quickly when Jawan Davis and Jordon Dunn expressed their dissatisfaction with the temperature of their hamburgers. The situation turned alarming as Davis and Dunn brandished firearms, demanding that their order be remade. This action not only put the McDonald’s employee in harm’s way but also showed a severe overreaction to a minor inconvenience.

When law enforcement arrived, the seriousness of the situation became evident. The discovery of a stolen handgun and marijuana in their possession pointed to broader legal implications for Davis and Dunn. Their claim of merely joking around with the weapons did little to mitigate the severity of their actions and the potential danger posed to others.

The incident highlights a concerning trend in customer behavior, particularly in fast-food settings. Such extreme reactions over trivial matters like food temperature underscore a growing issue in societal conduct and the need for better conflict resolution strategies. It also raises questions about gun safety and responsible ownership.

For Further ReadingIn recent years, incidents of drive-thru rage have seen an alarming increase. These incidents often involve verbal or physical altercations stemming from customer dissatisfaction with service or products. Understanding this phenomenon is crucial for addressing the underlying causes and implementing preventive measures. Learn more about this behavior.


What were the charges against Davis and Dunn?

They were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and other assorted felony and misdemeanor charges.

How did the police respond to the incident?

Police arrived at the scene around 4 AM and arrested Davis and Dunn at gunpoint, subsequently finding a stolen handgun and marijuana in their vehicle.

What does this incident signify in terms of societal behavior?

This incident is a reflection of a growing trend of aggressive behavior in public settings, raising concerns about anger management and the responsible use of firearms.

Original article: The Smoking Gun