Tennessee Man Makes Over 1100 Non-Emergency 911 Calls, Including Egg Roll Sales Inquiry

A Tennessee man has been arrested for making more than 1100 non-emergency 911 calls in six weeks, including an instance where he asked a dispatcher if they wanted to buy egg rolls. This prolific misuse of the emergency system led to his arrest outside a Memphis building. Huu Nguyen, 54, has a history of misusing the 911 system.

Quick Facts

  • Huu Nguyen, a 54-year-old resident of Memphis, Tennessee, made 1171 calls to 911 over a period of six weeks, with no emergencies reported.
  • Nguyen’s misuse of the emergency dispatch system included a peculiar incident where he asked a 911 dispatcher if they wanted to buy egg rolls, followed by abruptly disconnecting the call.
  • Despite several prior convictions for misusing the 911 system, Nguyen was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled for a hearing on November 20 regarding this misdemeanor case.

Huu Nguyen’s extensive misuse of the 911 system began in mid-July and continued until his recent arrest. Over this period, he made an alarming 1171 calls to the emergency number. These calls were characterized by their non-emergency nature, with Nguyen often hanging up immediately or engaging in irrelevant conversations with the dispatchers.

One of the most bizarre incidents involved Nguyen calling 911 to inquire if the dispatcher was interested in purchasing egg rolls, a call that exemplifies the frivolous nature of his use of the emergency service. This incident, among others, led to his arrest outside a building housing a Vietnamese restaurant and the Oriental Best Market in Memphis. The connection, if any, between Nguyen and these establishments remains unclear.

Nguyen, who has been labeled a “habitual 911 abuser” by the police, has faced legal consequences for similar offenses in the past. Despite his history, he was released from the Shelby County jail on his own recognizance. His iPhone, used to make these calls, was seized by the police. Nguyen is now awaiting a court hearing set for November 20, where he will face charges related to his non-emergency calls to 911.

For Further ReadingIn this case, the misuse of emergency services is a key issue. Misuse of 911 can lead to significant consequences, including legal action and the potential for hindering emergency response to actual crises. It’s crucial for the public to understand the importance of reserving 911 for genuine emergencies. Misuse of emergency services can strain resources, delay response times, and potentially endanger lives. Education and awareness about the appropriate use of emergency services are vital to prevent such misuse. Read more on Wikipedia.


What charges is Huu Nguyen facing?

Nguyen is charged with making non-emergency phone calls to 911, which is considered a misdemeanor. He is scheduled for a court hearing on November 20.

Has Nguyen been involved in similar incidents before?

Yes, Nguyen has several prior convictions for misusing the emergency dispatch system and is known to the police as a habitual 911 abuser.

What was one of the peculiar reasons Nguyen called 911?

One of the calls involved Nguyen asking a 911 dispatcher if they were interested in buying egg rolls, showcasing the non-serious nature of his calls.

Original article: Cops: Man Dialed 911, Sought To Sell Egg Rolls | The Smoking Gun

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