Serial Shooter Targets Homeless in Las Vegas, Echoes LA Crimes

In a harrowing series of events, five homeless individuals were shot in Las Vegas, with one confirmed fatality. This incident coincides with the Los Angeles Police Department’s search for a serial killer responsible for similar attacks.

Quick Facts

  • Las Vegas Attack: A single assailant targeted homeless people in northern Las Vegas, causing one death and several injuries.
  • Link to Los Angeles: These shootings parallel recent murders in Los Angeles, where a serial killer has been attacking the homeless.
  • Community Alert: Authorities in both cities have issued warnings to the homeless population, urging caution and vigilance in light of these attacks.

The Las Vegas shooting occurred near a highway overpass, where a gunman opened fire on a group of homeless individuals around 5:30 pm. While initial reports mentioned two fatalities, it has been confirmed that one person died and another remains critically injured. The other three victims have non-life-threatening injuries. This violent act has alarmed both the local community and law enforcement agencies.

The Las Vegas Police Department (LVPD) is investigating the incident, which they currently believe to be isolated. However, the method of attack and the targeting of homeless individuals bear striking resemblance to the recent murders in Los Angeles, where a serial killer is believed to be at large. The LA Police Department (LAPD) has intensified its manhunt following these attacks, releasing CCTV images of a suspect and a dark-colored sedan linked to the murders.

The similarity between the incidents in Las Vegas and Los Angeles has raised concerns about a potential pattern targeting vulnerable homeless populations. In response, both cities have heightened security measures and community outreach efforts to protect homeless individuals. Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate and seek information from the public to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent further violence.

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What are the ongoing efforts to protect homeless individuals in these cities?

Authorities in Las Vegas and Los Angeles have increased patrols in areas with significant homeless populations. Outreach programs are actively informing and assisting individuals, while shelters and services are being expanded.

How can the public assist in these investigations?

The public is encouraged to report any relevant information or suspicious activities. In Los Angeles, people can contact the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division with any leads related to the serial killings.

Original article source: The Mirror US

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