Trump Accused of Revealing State Secrets to Australian Tycoon

Former President Donald Trump is alleged to have divulged sensitive state secrets to billionaire Anthony Pratt, a claim arising from a recent revelation by the Australian magnate.

Quick Facts

  • Anthony Pratt, an Australian billionaire, claims that Trump shared sensitive state secrets with him, which he documented during their personal conversations.
  • Pratt has been interviewed as part of a federal investigation into Trump. In these interviews, he likened Trump’s business approaches to those of the “mafia” based on a recording procured by 60 Minutes.
  • The government has charged Trump on seven counts, one of which is retaining national defense secrets in violation of the Espionage Act. This stems partly from Trump’s alleged confidential conversations with Pratt.

Anthony Pratt’s assertions offer a significant insight into the nature of his relationship with the former U.S. President. In one of their recorded conversations, Pratt recalled Trump stating, “So I just bombed Iraq today.” Pratt further mentioned that Trump had informed him about this action before the news media was even aware.

In another discussion, after President Joe Biden assumed office in 2021, Pratt proposed to Trump that Australia should consider purchasing submarines from the United States. According to Pratt, Trump then provided him with specifics about the number of nuclear warheads on U.S. submarines and their capabilities, notably how close they can approach Russian submarines without being detected.

The seriousness of these allegations has culminated in special counsel Jack Smith charging the former president. Trump is accused of taking classified documents upon his White House departure and hindering efforts to recover them. The evidence presented by Pratt, who is also a potential witness for an upcoming trial, further complicates Trump’s position.

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Did Anthony Pratt claim that Trump shared state secrets with him?
Yes, Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt claimed that former President Donald Trump shared sensitive state secrets with him during their personal interactions.
What is Trump’s response to these allegations?
Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoing related to the allegations brought forward by Anthony Pratt and the subsequent charges laid by special counsel Jack Smith.
Has the government pressed charges against Trump?
Yes, the government has charged Donald Trump with seven counts, one of which includes retaining national defense secrets in violation of the Espionage Act.

Original article source: Washington Examiner

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