Maryland Judge Andrew Wilkinson Murdered Outside His Residence

In a shocking incident, Maryland Judge Andrew Wilkinson was found fatally shot in his driveway in Hagerstown, leading to heightened security measures for other local judges.

Quick Facts

  • Incident Location: Judge Andrew Wilkinson was discovered with fatal injuries outside his home in Hagerstown.
  • Investigation Status: The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is treating the case as a homicide, with no suspects named as of yet.
  • Security Measures: Following the incident, Maryland State Troopers were dispatched to safeguard other judges in the region.

Andrew Wilkinson, a respected figure in the Washington County Circuit Court, was urgently transported to a hospital following the shooting, where he succumbed to his injuries. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, and the authorities are yet to identify any suspects. The incident has sent shockwaves through the community, prompting law enforcement to take immediate action to ensure the safety of other judges serving the area.

Earlier on the day of the incident, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office had confirmed an ongoing shooting investigation, though details were sparse. Maryland State Police have since joined the investigation, collaborating with local authorities to uncover the circumstances surrounding Judge Wilkinson’s tragic death. Neil Parrott, a local politician, expressed his grief over the incident, emphasizing the urgency to apprehend the perpetrator and urging the community to pray for the judge’s family during these trying times.

Wilkinson, aged 52 at the time of his death, hailed from Agana, Guam. He pursued his education at the University of North Carolina and later at the Emory University School of Law. Having been sworn in as a Washington County Circuit Court judge in January 2020, Wilkinson had expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve the county and had publicly acknowledged the unwavering support of his family throughout his legal journey.

For Further Reading Hagerstown: Hagerstown is a city in Washington County, Maryland. It serves as the county seat and is known for its rich history and cultural significance. The city has been the center of various events over the years and has a diverse population. Its strategic location has made it a significant hub for commerce and transportation in the region. For more details, visit Wikipedia.


Who was Judge Andrew Wilkinson?
Judge Andrew Wilkinson was a prominent figure in the Washington County Circuit Court. Born in Agana, Guam, he had served as a judge since January 2020 and was known for his dedication to the community.

Have any suspects been identified in the shooting?
As of the latest updates, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has not named any suspects in the case, and the investigation is ongoing.

What measures have been taken following the incident?
In the wake of the shooting, Maryland State Troopers were dispatched to ensure the safety of other judges in the region, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Original article source: The US Sun

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