Rolling Stones Surprise Fans with Secret NY Nightclub Performance Featuring Lady Gaga

The iconic Rolling Stones surprised fans with a secret performance at Racket nightclub in Chelsea, New York, marking the launch of their new album.

Quick Facts

  • Venue: Racket nightclub located on W 16th Street in Chelsea.
  • Guest Appearance: Lady Gaga joined the Stones for a spectacular finale with the song “Sweet Side of Heaven”.
  • Notable Attendees: Celebrities like Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Christie Brinkley were among the audience.

The Rolling Stones delivered a captivating seven-song set, mesmerizing the audience with a mix of their classic hits and new tracks from their latest album, “Hackney Diamonds”. The intimate setting of Racket nightclub allowed 600 fortunate fans to witness the legendary band up close. Among the attendees were renowned celebrities such as Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, and the power couple, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz.

Adding to the night’s allure, pop sensation Lady Gaga graced the stage, collaborating with the Stones for a riveting rendition of “Sweet Side of Heaven”. The setlist also featured iconic tracks like “Shattered” and “Jumping Jack Flash”. The energy and charisma of the band, especially Mick Jagger, were palpable. At the age of 80, Jagger’s performance defied age, showcasing the vigor and voice reminiscent of his younger days. Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, with their exceptional guitar skills, further elevated the night’s ambiance.

The event wasn’t just about the music. The atmosphere was electric, with a DJ setting the mood before and after the Stones’ performance. The band’s timeless appeal was evident, proving that their music and talent could overshadow contemporary acts with ease.

For Further ReadingThe Rolling Stones have been a monumental force in the music industry for decades. Their influence spans generations, with a discography that has shaped rock ‘n’ roll. Their longevity, combined with their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots, makes them one of the most iconic bands in history. [Wikipedia]


Where did the Rolling Stones’ secret performance take place?

The performance was at Racket nightclub in Chelsea, New York.

Which pop star joined the Rolling Stones on stage during the performance?

Lady Gaga joined the Rolling Stones for a rendition of “Sweet Side of Heaven”.

What was notable about Mick Jagger’s performance?

At 80 years old, Mick Jagger showcased the energy, moves, and voice reminiscent of his younger days, proving his timeless appeal.

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