GameStop Incident Over Pokémon Cards Ends in Death

A recent event at a GameStop in suburban Fort Lauderdale ended in tragedy when a clerk allegedly shot a man suspected of shoplifting Pokémon cards.

Quick Facts

  • Derrick Guerrero, 33, was working at the store when the incident took place.
  • A man allegedly stole five boxes of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet “ultra-premium” trading cards valued at $120 each.
  • The shoplifter was shot and later died at the hospital. The suspect had not displayed any weapons nor threatened Guerrero.

On a seemingly regular evening at a GameStop store in a Fort Lauderdale strip mall, a situation escalated to deadly levels. Derrick Guerrero, a 33-year-old clerk, was on duty when an individual allegedly attempted to shoplift five boxes of the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet “ultra-premium” trading cards. As the suspect made a dash for the exit, Guerrero reportedly took drastic measures.

According to the Pembroke Pines police report, Guerrero pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired, hitting the shoplifter in the side. Injured, the man left behind the cards and staggered out to a waiting pickup truck. A woman in the truck contacted the authorities, but tragically, the shoplifter succumbed to his injuries three hours later in a hospital. It’s worth noting that security footage from the store purportedly showed that the shoplifter had neither threatened Guerrero nor shown any weapons.

Florida’s “stand your ground” law allows the use of deadly force under certain circumstances, but primarily when there’s a direct threat of grave harm or death. However, the use of deadly force merely to protect property is not covered under this law. Derrick Guerrero has since been charged with manslaughter and is held at the Broward County Jail with a bail set at $25,000. Details regarding his legal representation remain undisclosed, and GameStop’s official response to the incident is yet to be publicized.

For Further Reading “Stand Your Ground” Law: Florida’s “stand your ground” law has been controversial and widely discussed. This law permits individuals to use deadly force if they perceive an imminent threat of serious harm or death, either to themselves or others. However, its application merely for property protection is not supported. For more information on this law and its implications, click here.


Did the shoplifter threaten the clerk in any way?

No, according to store security footage, the shoplifter did not display any weapons or threaten Derrick Guerrero.

What are the consequences for Derrick Guerrero following the incident?

Guerrero has been charged with manslaughter and is currently held at Broward County Jail on a $25,000 bail.

Has GameStop commented on the incident?

As of the latest information, GameStop has not publicly commented on the situation.

Source: NBC News