Israeli Military Addresses Gazan Hospital Blast

The Israeli military recently addressed the explosion at a Gazan hospital, amidst various claims and counterclaims. The incident is under thorough investigation, with BBC Verify analyzing images, audio, and on-the-ground reports.

Quick Facts

  • Timings and Responsibility: Daniel Hagari from the Israeli military stated that around 10 rockets were fired by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group at 18:59 local time. This coincided with reports of the hospital explosion. The IDF’s analysis indicates that the explosion resulted from a misfired rocket launched from a nearby cemetery.
  • Damage Analysis: The only evident damage was in a car park outside the hospital. Hagari emphasized that an Israeli strike would have caused more significant damage, such as craters. Evidence suggests the rocket launch failed due to remaining propellant.
  • Time Taken for Analysis: While Hamas quickly claimed knowledge of the incident, Hagari mentioned that the IDF took hours to verify their information, ensuring accuracy in their claims.

The recent blast at the Gazan hospital has raised numerous questions regarding its cause and the parties responsible. Daniel Hagari, representing the Israeli military, provided a detailed account of the incident. He emphasized the timing of the rocket barrage, which coincided with the explosion reports. The IDF’s aerial footage analysis played a crucial role in determining the cause, pointing towards a misfired rocket from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

Further insights into the damage caused by the explosion revealed that only a car park outside the hospital was affected. This observation is significant as it contrasts with the aftermath typically seen from Israeli strikes. Such strikes often result in more pronounced damage, including craters and structural harm. The evidence of the rocket’s failed launch, indicated by the remaining propellant, further supports the IDF’s claims.

One of the critical aspects highlighted by Hagari was the time taken by the IDF to analyze and verify the incident’s details. Contrary to Hamas’s swift claims, the IDF invested hours in ensuring the accuracy of their information. Their intelligence included confirming the absence of any IDF fire that could have hit the hospital and using radar systems to track the rockets’ trajectory, which showed they originated from a nearby cemetery.

For Further ReadingThe concept of rocket misfiring refers to the malfunction or failure of a rocket to launch or reach its intended target. Misfires can result from various factors, including technical glitches, human errors, or external interferences. In the context of the Gazan hospital explosion, a misfired rocket from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group is believed to have caused the blast. The evidence suggests that the rocket was launched from a cemetery close to the hospital but failed to reach its target. Such incidents highlight the risks associated with rocket launches, especially in densely populated areas. [Wikipedia]


Who is Daniel Hagari?

Daniel Hagari is a representative from the Israeli military who provided insights into the recent explosion at a Gazan hospital.

What evidence does the IDF have regarding the cause of the explosion?

The IDF’s aerial footage analysis, radar systems tracking the rockets’ trajectory, and communication intercepts between militants discussing the rocket misfire are among the evidence presented.

Why was only the car park outside the hospital damaged?

According to Daniel Hagari, the damage was consistent with a misfired rocket’s impact, contrasting with the more significant damage typically seen from Israeli strikes.

Original article source: BBC News

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