Palestinian Health Ministry Reports 200-300 Fatalities in Israeli Strike on Gaza Hospital

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza has released a statement indicating that an Israeli strike on a hospital in Gaza City may have resulted in the deaths of between 200 to 300 individuals, with many still trapped under the rubble.

Quick Facts

  • Location: The strike occurred at the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the center of Gaza City.
  • Initial Reports: The Palestinian government in Gaza had earlier reported dozens of deaths due to the strike.
  • Hamas Statement: Hamas labeled the strike as a “genocide” and called for an end to the silence on the aggression.

The Palestinian government’s statement highlighted the severity of the situation, noting that the hospital was housing hundreds of patients, wounded individuals, and those displaced from their homes due to the ongoing airstrikes. The statement read, “A new war crime committed by the occupation in the bombing of Al-Ahli Arabi Hospital in the center of Gaza City, resulting in the arrival of dozens of martyrs and injured at Al-Shifa Medical Complex due to the bombing.”

Hamas, in its statement, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “The Al-Ahli Hospital Massacre in the heart of Gaza Strip is a genocide. Enough silence on the aggression and recklessness of the occupation.” This sentiment reflects the growing tensions and the dire circumstances faced by the residents of Gaza amidst the conflict.

On the Israeli side, Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari mentioned that the IDF is currently investigating the reported strike. Given the recency of the event, it remains unclear whether the hospital was hit by an Israeli Air Force (IAF) strike or if it was a result of a failed Hamas launch.

For Further Reading
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What was the target of the Israeli strike?
The target of the Israeli strike was the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in the center of Gaza City.

How has Hamas responded to the strike?
Hamas has labeled the strike on the Al-Ahli Hospital as a “genocide” and has called for an end to the silence on the aggression by Israel.

What is the IDF’s stance on the strike?
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, stated that the IDF is currently investigating the reported strike to determine its origin.

Source: CNN

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