Funeral Home Employee Accused of Intimate Encounter with Life-Sized Doll

A funeral home worker in Nebraska is under investigation for allegedly having an inappropriate interaction with a life-sized sex doll found in the apartment of a deceased individual.

Quick Facts

  • Ryan Smith, a 41-year-old funeral home employee, is suspected of engaging in an intimate act with a life-sized sex doll discovered in a deceased person’s apartment.
  • Smith allegedly made a deceptive request to the property manager, claiming the local sheriff had asked him to retrieve the doll for biopsy swabs.
  • Upon a post-arrest examination, the sex doll was found to be in a compromised state, leading to further investigations.

Ryan Smith and a colleague were dispatched to the Rock Creek Apartments in Omaha to transport the body of a deceased individual. During this process, Smith discovered a life-sized sex doll near the body. Instead of focusing on his professional duties, Smith was allegedly drawn to the doll, leading to questionable actions.

Smith’s behavior raised suspicions when he contacted the property manager with a peculiar request. He claimed that the local sheriff had instructed him to retrieve the sex doll for biopsy purposes. The property manager, finding Smith’s request unusual, denied it. However, upon later inspection, the manager found Smith inside the locked apartment. Smith’s disheveled appearance further intensified suspicions.

Following the incident, the police arrested Smith on felony burglary charges. The subsequent examination of the sex doll revealed signs of intimate interaction. This incident led to Smith’s termination from his employment with Mid America First Call, a company specializing in various funeral services.

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Who is Ryan Smith?

Ryan Smith is a 41-year-old funeral home worker who was involved in the incident of having an alleged intimate encounter with a life-sized sex doll found in a deceased person’s apartment.

What was Smith’s alleged reason for retrieving the sex doll?

Smith claimed that the local sheriff had instructed him to collect the sex doll to take swabs for biopsy, a claim that was later found to be false.

What were the consequences faced by Smith following the incident?

Smith was arrested on felony burglary charges and was subsequently fired from his job with Mid America First Call.

Source: The Smoking Gun

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