Suzanne Somers Passes Away at 76 After Longstanding Battle with Cancer

Suzanne Somers Passes Away at 76 After Longstanding Battle with Cancer

Actress Suzanne Somers has succumbed to her 50-year fight against cancer, a day shy of her 77th birthday.

Quick Facts

  • Death Details: Suzanne Somers died peacefully in her home during the early hours of October 15th.
  • Family Reaction: Somers’ family intended to gather for her 77th birthday but will now commemorate her remarkable life. A private burial and a memorial are planned.
  • History with Cancer: Somers faced multiple bouts of cancer throughout her life, including an aggressive form of breast cancer for over 23 years.

Suzanne Somers, renowned for her role in “Three’s Company,” passed away at her ‘all green home’ in Palm Springs, California. She was comforted by her husband, Alan Hamel, until her final moments. Her death was not only a loss to her family but also to the millions who adored her. A private family burial is expected this week, and a memorial will be held in the following month to celebrate her impressive life.

Insiders reveal touching moments before her passing. Alan Hamel, her spouse for 46 years, had given Suzanne a heartfelt handwritten poem, bundled with her beloved pink peonies, as an early birthday gesture. This tragic event follows shortly after the news that her breast cancer had made a return. The actress had been diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50s, faced skin cancer in her 30s, and overcame “two hyperplasia” in her 20s.

In past interviews, Somers often displayed her resilience and determination. In a discussion with Entertainment Tonight in July, she expressed her unwavering spirit saying, “I have been living with cancer since my 20s. And every time that little f—ker pops up, I continue to bat it back.” She further emphasized not allowing the disease to dominate her life and was always prepared to combat it fiercely.

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How long had Suzanne Somers been battling cancer?
Suzanne Somers had been contending with cancer for 50 years in various forms, including skin cancer, two hyperplasia, and an aggressive form of breast cancer.

How did Suzanne Somers pass away?
She died peacefully in her sleep at her home in Palm Springs, with her loving husband, Alan Hamel, by her side.

What are the family’s plans following her death?
There will be a private family burial this week and a memorial planned for the following month to honor her exceptional life.

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