SPORTS Updates – Taylor Swift Misses Jets-Eagles Sunday Game

Despite recent public outings, Taylor Swift did not join Travis Kelce at the Jets-Eagles game on Sunday after their NYC date night.

Quick Facts

  • Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were absent together at the Jets-Eagles game on Sunday, despite their recent close encounters.
  • Kelce was present to support his older brother, Jason Kelce, who played as the starting center for the Eagles.
  • Swift and Kelce were recently spotted at the “Saturday Night Live” afterparty and also at Kelce’s “Thursday Night Football” game.

Taylor Swift’s absence at the Jets-Eagles game on Sunday raised eyebrows given her recent public appearances with NFL player Travis Kelce. A day prior, the two were captured holding hands, making fans anticipate their joint presence at the game. However, the Fox broadcast did not spot the famous singer at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Travis Kelce, on the other hand, attended the game, likely to cheer for his older brother, Jason Kelce, who took the field as the Eagles’ starting center. Speculations about Taylor and Travis’s attendance were rife, especially since the duo made surprise appearances at the recent “Saturday Night Live.” Their public outings don’t stop there. Page Six reported that they were seen “kissing” at the SNL premiere afterparty at Catch Steak. Moreover, Swift also made an appearance at Kelce’s game between the Chiefs and Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium just a few days ago.

Travis Kelce’s performance has been noteworthy in recent games. In a match against the Broncos, the Chiefs tight end recorded nine receptions covering 124 yards, contributing to the 19-8 win. Meanwhile, Jason Kelce, alongside his team, the Eagles, aimed to maintain their undefeated streak with a win against the Jets. To give some context, the Eagles, with a previous record of 5-0, reached the Super Bowl in February but faced a loss against Travis Kelce’s Chiefs.

For Further Reading Taylor Swift, a globally renowned singer-songwriter, began her music career in country music but transitioned to pop with immense success. Over the years, Swift has garnered numerous awards, including 11 Grammy Awards, and is known for her narrative songwriting. Apart from music, Swift occasionally makes headlines for her personal life and affiliations.


Why was Taylor Swift expected at the Jets-Eagles game?
She was recently seen holding hands with Travis Kelce, which fueled speculations of their joint attendance.

Did Travis Kelce attend the Jets-Eagles game?
Yes, he attended the game, likely to support his older brother, Jason Kelce, who played for the Eagles.

Where were Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce recently spotted together?
They made appearances at the “Saturday Night Live” afterparty and Kelce’s “Thursday Night Football” game.

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