Ron DeSantis Critiques Trump’s Reliance on Teleprompter

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticizes former President Donald Trump for his dependence on a teleprompter and the subsequent need to clarify remarks made off-script.

Quick Facts

  • Ron DeSantis has openly critiqued Donald Trump’s reliance on teleprompters, pointing out that Trump often makes errors when speaking off-the-cuff.
  • Trump faced backlash for comments made about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hezbollah amidst a violent situation instigated by a Hamas-led terrorist assault.
  • While campaigning in New Hampshire, DeSantis highlighted the difference between Trump’s scripted versus unscripted moments, suggesting Trump should ditch the teleprompter for transparency.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire, took aim at ex-President Donald Trump, criticizing him for his consistent dependence on teleprompters. DeSantis pointed out that Trump, when off the teleprompter, often reveals a different, more unfiltered side of himself, which has often led to controversial remarks.

Trump recently faced significant backlash for his comments directed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli defense officials. While he praised Hezbollah for being “very smart”, he criticized Netanyahu amidst ongoing violence following a terrorist attack by Hamas. This criticism came despite Israel recently facing one of its most challenging situations. Trump’s remarks required a subsequent clarification on his social media platform, Truth Social.

DeSantis, who currently lags behind Trump in GOP primary polls, emphasized the difference between Trump’s persona when he reads from a script versus when he speaks spontaneously. He highlighted Trump’s attack on Netanyahu, suggesting it was a personal vendetta over Netanyahu congratulating President Biden in the past. DeSantis further challenged Trump to abandon the teleprompter and participate in debates to offer the public a more genuine perspective.

For Further Reading The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has a long and complex history. Following the creation of Israel in 1948, tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have resulted in multiple wars and numerous skirmishes. The recent conflict involving Hamas, a Palestinian militant group, and Israel has further heightened these tensions. Over the years, global leaders, including U.S. Presidents, have attempted to mediate peace, but a long-term solution remains elusive. For more details, refer to the Wikipedia article on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Why is DeSantis criticizing Trump?

DeSantis is drawing attention to Trump’s reliance on teleprompters and his tendency to make controversial remarks when speaking without one.

What were Trump’s controversial remarks about Netanyahu?

Trump criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amidst a volatile situation following a Hamas-led assault, even as Israel was in a challenging position.

How has Trump responded to the backlash?

After the backlash, Trump took to his Truth Social account to clarify his remarks and walk back some of his statements.

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