Prince William Distressed Over Netflix’s Portrayal of Princess Diana in “The Crown”

Prince William Distressed Over Netflix’s Portrayal of Princess Diana in “The Crown”

Netflix’s popular series “The Crown” is set to feature Princess Diana in spirit form in its upcoming season, sparking controversy and distress among royal watchers and the royal family.

Quick Facts

  • The Crown’s upcoming two-part final season will cover events from 1997-2005, focusing on the royal family’s recovery from Princess Diana’s death.
  • Elizabeth Debicki portrays a ghostly Princess Diana, appearing in imagined conversations with Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.
  • Prince William finds the portrayal of his late mother in such a manner “incredibly hurtful” and is said to be “totally sickened” by it.

The upcoming season of “The Crown” has stirred controversy with its decision to include imagined scenes of a ghostly Princess Diana interacting with members of the royal family. According to reports, in one of the scenes, Diana’s spirit appears to Prince Charles, expressing her deep love for him and suggesting that her absence might ease things for the family. In another, she appears to Queen Elizabeth, urging her to adapt and learn in the changing times.

While some members of the royal family, like King Charles and Queen Camilla, seem indifferent to these fictional portrayals, Prince William is notably upset. An unnamed source close to Prince William shared his sentiments with The Daily Beast, stating that he finds the portrayal of his late mother in such a light deeply hurtful. The source mentioned that Prince William would not watch the series but is profoundly disturbed by the portrayal.

Netflix, in response to the controversy, defended its decision. A spokesperson for the streaming giant emphasized that these imagined conversations aim to capture the profound emotions felt by the royal family following the tragic loss of Princess Diana. The spokesperson further clarified that Diana’s appearances in the series are part of an inner dialogue, reflecting the relationships and emotions of the characters.

For Further Reading
“The Crown” is a historical drama television series about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The series, created and principally written by Peter Morgan, has garnered significant attention for its portrayal of the British royal family. It delves into the personal and political challenges faced by the monarchy, offering viewers a dramatized glimpse into the lives of the royals.


Why is Prince William upset with “The Crown”?
Prince William is reportedly distressed by the portrayal of his late mother, Princess Diana, in spirit form in the upcoming season of “The Crown.” He finds it hurtful that the series is exploiting his mother’s memory in this manner.

How has Netflix responded to the controversy?
Netflix defended its decision, stating that the imagined conversations with Princess Diana’s spirit aim to capture the depth of emotion felt by the royal family after her tragic death.

When is the new season of “The Crown” releasing?
The first part of “The Crown’s” sixth and final season will be released on Netflix on Nov. 16.

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