Logan Paul Triumphs Over Dillon Danis Amidst Chaos in the Ring

In a dramatic turn of events, Logan Paul emerged victorious against MMA competitor Dillon Danis, following an intense match-up filled with surprising moves and altercations.

Quick Facts

  • Match Details: Logan Paul outperformed MMA fighter Dillon Danis in a six-round boxing match held in Manchester.
  • Controversial Moment: Danis attempted a guillotine chokehold on Paul during the last moments, leading to a near brawl involving security and Jake Paul.
  • Verdict: Danis was disqualified, with Paul leading unanimously in the initial five rounds.

The Saturday match marked Logan Paul’s return to the ring since his exhibition bout against Floyd Mayweather two years prior. Throughout the match, Paul maintained a clear advantage, landing 82 punches in contrast to Danis’ mere nine. The real drama unfolded in the sixth round when Danis attempted an MMA-style grapple on Paul. However, the climax reached its peak when Danis, in a shocking move, tried to put Paul into a guillotine chokehold. This act triggered chaos, with security storming the ring and a full-blown altercation breaking out involving both fighters and their respective teams.

Leading up to the bout, there was evident animosity between the two. Danis had been making personal remarks towards Paul, even targeting his fiancée. Tensions had escalated further during their press conference a day prior, where Danis hurled a microphone at Paul, resulting in a black eye. Post-fight, Paul, while speaking with Ariel Helwani, expressed his disdain for Danis, labeling him a “coward” and questioning his jiujutsu skills. Despite the recent win, Paul’s attention appears to be set on the WWE, though he did hint at a potential match against the likes of Conor McGregor.

The fight made it evident that while Paul has made strides in his boxing journey, MMA fighters like Danis might not be the best fit for the boxing ring. The event, filled with unexpected twists, not only provided entertainment but also reinforced the fact that boxing and MMA, despite being combat sports, are worlds apart.

For Further Reading For those unfamiliar with the guillotine chokehold, it’s a common submission technique in mixed martial arts. By wrapping an arm around the opponent’s throat and applying pressure, a fighter can choke their opponent into submission. This move is particularly popular in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Learn more about it on Wikipedia.


Why was Dillon Danis disqualified?
Danis was disqualified due to his attempt to apply a guillotine chokehold on Paul, a move that’s illegal in boxing.

What was the aftermath of the fight?
The match concluded with security intervening to prevent a potential brawl after the controversial chokehold attempt by Danis.

Will Logan Paul return to boxing soon?
While Paul has expressed interest in returning to the ring, he seems more focused on his WWE journey at the moment.

Original article source: Fox News