A New Conflict Front Relies On Israel’s Gaza Actions, Notes Iran

Iran’s foreign minister states that initiating a fresh conflict front against Israel hinges on the latter’s actions in Gaza.

Quick Facts

  • Tehran’s Backing: Despite being a long-standing supporter of Hamas, Iran firmly claims it played no part in the recent attacks on Israel.
  • US Concerns: The United States is wary of a potential second conflict front if Hezbollah, supported by Iran, gets involved in the ongoing tensions.
  • Iran’s Regional Allies: The “axis of resistance” may retaliate if Israel intensifies its offensive against Gaza.

The Middle East finds itself on the brink of heightened conflict. Iran, historically known for its support of Hamas and other Middle Eastern militant groups, clarified that any new conflict with Israel would be contingent upon Israel’s actions in Gaza. The assertion comes even as Iran, while backing Hamas, denies involvement in the recent attacks against Israel. The regional geopolitics are complex with both superpowers and local factions playing significant roles.

The USA is treading cautiously, apprehensive about the escalation of the conflict. A specific concern is Hezbollah’s potential involvement. This group, another major Islamist faction with substantial armaments, is backed by Iran. The international community and regional powers are closely monitoring the ongoing strife, with the potential to dramatically reshape the region’s dynamics. The situation becomes further complicated as Israel’s northern border with Lebanon remains a potential hotspot for conflict escalation.

Amplifying the tension, the Iranian diplomat, after meeting the Iraqi Prime Minister, arrived in Beirut. This move is significant as he was received by both Hezbollah and Hamas, among other pro-Iran factions. As statements from Iran make international headlines, it becomes clear that the situation in the Middle East remains fluid and dynamic. Reactions from the “axis of resistance” would be determined largely by Israel’s actions in Gaza, as they remain vigilant to Israel’s maneuvers in the region.

For Further Reading Axis of Resistance: A political alliance of predominantly Shia armed groups opposing the US and Israel, primarily consisting of Hezbollah, Hamas, and state actors like Iran. Its origin dates back to the early 2000s with the aim to resist Western influence in the region. Wikipedia


What is Iran’s stance on the recent attacks against Israel by Hamas?
Despite being a long-standing supporter of Hamas, Iran claims no involvement in the recent attacks.

Why is the US concerned about Hezbollah?
The US fears that Hezbollah, another influential group backed by Iran, may open a second conflict front on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon.

What could the “axis of resistance” possibly do?
They may retaliate if Israel intensifies its offensive in Gaza, depending on the evolving situation.

Source: NDTV

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