Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan Face a Tense and Divided GOP in House Speaker Fight

The race for the next House speaker among Republicans is intensifying, with candidates set to present their cases to GOP lawmakers. This comes a week after an internal revolt ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy, leaving the House without a leader. The two main contenders, Majority Leader Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan, have already divided the conference with their distinct endorsements.

Quick Facts

  • Endorsements: While Scalise has the backing of center-right and swing district members, Jordan has the support of former President Donald Trump and various House conservatives.
  • Vote Requirement: A GOP candidate needs a simple majority of the House to be elected speaker, which means at least 217 of the 221 Republicans.
  • Upcoming Challenges: The next speaker will have to address a Nov. 17 deadline to fund the government or face a shutdown, and the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas.

House Republicans convened for two hours on Monday, with many uncertain about the timeline for electing a new speaker. Rep. Kelly Armstrong described the situation as a “coin flip,” while Rep. Don Bacon believes it will “take a while to come to fruition.” Rep. Max Miller, a supporter of Jordan, proposed a one-week delay in the speaker vote.

Both Scalise and Jordan are scheduled to present their cases at a closed-door candidates forum at 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Following this, House Republicans plan to hold a private, secret ballot election at 9 a.m. on Wednesday to select their nominee.

Interestingly, some Republicans, including Reps. David Valadao and Mike Lawler, are advocating for the reinstatement of McCarthy. Lawler expressed his belief that McCarthy is the right person to lead the GOP. However, some of the eight GOP members who voted against McCarthy, such as Reps. Matt Gaetz and Tim Burchett, are firm in their stance against him.

Despite McCarthy’s recent speaker-like actions, including a news conference discussing U.S.-Israel relations, he confirmed that he isn’t running for the position. He stated, “No, I’m not a candidate,” and emphasized his support for whoever the conference picks.

Original article source: DNYUZ

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