Murder of Israeli Grandma Filmed and Shared on Her Facebook, Family Reveals

An Israeli grandmother residing near the Gaza Strip was brutally murdered by Hamas gunmen. In a horrifying twist, the assailants filmed the heinous act and uploaded the footage to her Facebook page, leaving her family in shock and grief.

Quick Facts

  • Victim: Braha Levinson lived in Kibbutz Nir Oz, close to the Gaza Strip. She was a mother of two and grandmother of nine.
  • Discovery: The family discovered the tragic incident through a video posted on Levinson’s Facebook page.
  • Aftermath: Following the murder, Levinson’s home was set ablaze and completely destroyed.

Mor Bayder, Levinson’s granddaughter, expressed her anguish on social media, stating, “The purest thing in the world, the light of my life, my whole world, my grandmother, can’t make it real.” She described the video as “the nightmare of my life.”

Yoav Shimoni, Levinson’s grandson, recounted the events leading up to the discovery. The family had been communicating via a group chat to ensure each other’s safety after Hamas launched a series of rocket attacks on Israel. Levinson had initially shown concern for her family’s well-being. However, shortly after, a disturbing video appeared on her Facebook page, revealing the tragic fate that had befallen her.

Shimoni believes that his grandmother was among the first victims of Hamas due to her residence’s proximity to the Gaza Strip. He stated, “They came into her house, shot her down, took her phone, and then posted her dying video on Facebook.”

The attack on Levinson was part of a broader assault by Hamas on Israel over the weekend. This included the massacre of over 250 attendees at a music festival, shootings in communities near the Gaza Strip, and the abduction of numerous hostages. The Israeli military has since launched a series of air strikes on Gaza in retaliation. However, Hamas is reportedly holding up to 150 hostages, including women and children. They have threatened to execute these hostages and broadcast their murders if Israel targets civilians in the Gaza Strip without prior warning.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has ordered a “complete siege” on Gaza to eliminate Hamas. Despite the grave situation, Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gilad Erdan affirmed that the significant number of hostages in Gaza would not deter Israel from taking necessary actions to ensure its future security.

Original article source: DNYUZ