Israel Caught Off Guard by Hamas’ Deceptive Campaign and Devastating Attack

Israel was taken by surprise when the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas launched a massive assault, following a two-year campaign of deception by Hamas. This attack is considered the most significant breach in Israel’s defenses since the Arab armies waged war in 1973.

Quick Facts

  • Deception Strategy: Hamas successfully misled Israel into believing it was not preparing for a confrontation, even as it trained its fighters in plain sight.
  • Attack Details: Hamas launched a barrage of rockets from Gaza, used hang gliders to cross the border, breached barriers with explosives, and took hostages, moving them to Gaza.
  • Response: Israel acknowledges being caught off guard, with an Israeli Defence Forces spokesperson likening the attack to their “9/11.”

Israel believed it was managing a war-weary Hamas by offering economic incentives to Gazan workers. However, Hamas was secretly training its fighters and planning the assault. The attack resulted in the death of 700 Israelis, with Israel retaliating by killing over 400 Palestinians in Gaza.

One of Hamas’ significant preparations was the construction of a mock Israeli settlement in Gaza, where they practiced military landings and storming techniques. Despite these visible preparations, Israel was convinced that Hamas was more interested in economic stability than warfare.

On the day of the attack, Hamas launched a multi-pronged assault involving rockets, hang gliders, explosives, motorbikes, and bulldozers. They also jammed Israeli army communications and took hostages, including party-goers near the Gaza border.

Experts and former officials have criticized Israel’s intelligence and military apparatus for this oversight. Retired General Yaakov Amidror, a former national security adviser, stated that Israel had mistakenly believed Hamas had become more responsible and vowed that Israel would not repeat this error.

Original article source: Yahoo News

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