US Senate Leader Targets Chinese Companies for Exacerbating Fentanyl Crisis

US Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, criticized Chinese enterprises for intensifying the US fentanyl epidemic during his Shanghai meeting, marking the commencement of his China tour.

Quick Facts

  • Accusation on Chinese Companies: Chuck Schumer emphasized that Chinese corporations, not the government, are intensifying the US fentanyl epidemic.
  • Sanctions and Opposition: Washington imposed sanctions on a China-based group linked to the fentanyl crisis, a move which Beijing denounced, attributing the opioid issue to the US.
  • Trade and Reciprocity: Schumer addressed Beijing’s alleged biased trade practices, advocating for a level playing field for US enterprises operating in China.

During Schumer’s visit to China, he met with Chen Jining, a top official from the Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai. The key agenda was to address the significant role of Chinese companies in the fentanyl drug crisis, a major concern for the United States. Schumer clarified that his concerns were directed at Chinese businesses and not the government. These firms have been held responsible for the surge in drug addiction cases across various US communities.

Subsequently, the US took stringent measures by sanctioning a network based in China responsible for the production and distribution of chemicals used in drugs, particularly those contributing to the fentanyl crisis. This decision was not well-received by Beijing. In its defense, the Chinese government stated that the opioid crisis is an internal US problem and should not be linked to China. In addition to the drug-related issues, Schumer expressed intentions to address the alleged unfair trade practices by Beijing. He pointed out that American companies often express grievances about their operations in China, emphasizing the need for mutual reciprocity in trade relations.

As part of his diplomatic efforts, Schumer is leading a delegation that aims to discuss a variety of concerns, ranging from business climates to human rights. This delegation’s visit to China, followed by stops in South Korea and Japan, is one among the many recent visits by US officials. These visits signify the intent of both nations to mollify their strained relations across various domains, from economic disputes to security concerns.

For Further ReadingFentanyl: A powerful synthetic opioid, fentanyl is similar to morphine but 50 to 100 times more potent. It is prescribed for treating severe pain, typically advanced cancer pain. However, it’s been increasingly involved in overdose deaths in the US, especially when illicitly manufactured and mixed with other drugs. [Wikipedia]


Why is Chuck Schumer visiting China?

Chuck Schumer is visiting China as part of a bipartisan delegation aiming to ease tensions, discuss trade practices, and address concerns about Chinese companies’ role in the US fentanyl crisis.

What is China’s response to the US sanctions related to the fentanyl crisis?

China opposes the US sanctions and insists that the opioid problem originates in the US, and thus, it should not be attributed to China.

Is there a possibility of a meeting between President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping?

There is potential for a meeting between the two leaders in San Francisco in November, although nothing is confirmed yet.

Original article source: France 24


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