Trump Accused of Sharing Sensitive US Nuclear Submarine Details Post-Presidency

Months after his term ended, former President Donald Trump is alleged to have shared confidential details about U.S. nuclear submarines with an Australian billionaire, who then reportedly disseminated the information to various individuals, including foreign officials and journalists.

Quick Facts

  • Disclosure: The potential leak was reported during an investigation into Trump’s alleged retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago residence.
  • Anthony Pratt: The Australian billionaire, a Mar-a-Lago Club member, reportedly shared the information Trump provided with over 45 individuals.
  • Submarine Details: Trump allegedly revealed the number of nuclear warheads U.S. submarines carry and their proximity capabilities to Russian submarines.

Former President Donald Trump, after leaving the White House, reportedly discussed sensitive details about U.S. nuclear submarines with Anthony Pratt, an Australian billionaire and member of his Mar-a-Lago Club. This information was then allegedly shared by Pratt with numerous individuals, including foreign officials, his employees, and several journalists. The potential leak was brought to the attention of special counsel Jack Smith’s team, who were investigating Trump’s alleged retention of classified documents at Mar-a-Lago.

During a meeting at Mar-a-Lago in April 2021, Pratt initiated a conversation with Trump about the American submarine fleet. According to sources, Trump, in a discreet manner, shared two pieces of information with Pratt: the exact number of nuclear warheads U.S. submarines typically carry and how close they can approach a Russian submarine without detection. Pratt later relayed this information to various individuals, including journalists, his company’s employees, and Australian officials. While the authenticity of the information remains uncertain, the incident was thoroughly investigated by Smith’s team.

Another witness, a former Mar-a-Lago employee, claimed to have overheard Pratt discussing the details Trump shared shortly after their meeting. This employee expressed concern over the former president’s decision to share such sensitive information with a non-U.S. citizen. Despite these allegations, Pratt maintained that Trump never showed him any government documents during their interactions. Pratt’s disclosures to others were reportedly an attempt to demonstrate his advocacy for Australia’s interests with the U.S., especially concerning a deal for Australia to purchase nuclear-powered attack submarines from the U.S.

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U.S. Nuclear Submarines U.S. nuclear submarines are advanced underwater vessels equipped with nuclear warheads. They play a crucial role in the country’s defense strategy, ensuring maritime dominance and deterrence against potential adversaries. These submarines have the capability to operate covertly, making them a formidable force. Their exact operational details, such as the number of warheads they carry and their stealth capabilities, are classified. [Wikipedia]


Q: Who is Anthony Pratt?

A: Anthony Pratt is an Australian billionaire who runs U.S.-based Pratt Industries, one of the world’s largest packaging companies. He is a member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and has interacted with Trump on several occasions.

Q: What information did Trump allegedly share?

A: Trump is alleged to have shared details about the number of nuclear warheads U.S. submarines carry and their capabilities to approach Russian submarines without being detected.

Q: How did the information become public?

A: Anthony Pratt reportedly shared the details provided by Trump with over 45 individuals, including foreign officials, journalists, and his own employees.

Original article source: ABC News

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