The Trump Collapse is Imminent — And He Might Drag Biden Down With Him

Despite the media’s portrayal of the upcoming presidential election as imminent, there’s still over a year to go. However, the unfavorable polling has caused significant concern among Democrats and elation among Trump supporters. Yet, looming legal challenges threaten to engulf Donald Trump and might inadvertently impact President Biden and the Democratic Party.

Quick Facts

  • Trump’s Legal Woes: Trump faces multiple legal challenges, including two major trials in New York and potential witnesses ready to testify against him.
  • Public Opinion: Recent polls suggest 57% wouldn’t vote for Trump if he’s convicted of a felony.
  • Democrats’ Dilemma: If Trump is replaced as the Republican nominee, Democrats might struggle against a fresh GOP candidate, potentially jeopardizing Biden’s position.

Donald Trump, despite his claims of media bias and institutional opposition, often becomes his own stumbling block. His frequent changes in legal representation and unfiltered public statements further complicate his legal position. Notably, after his loss in the E. Jean Carroll lawsuit, Trump’s comments on CNN provided more fodder for Carroll’s subsequent lawsuit. His legal team’s statements have also raised eyebrows, potentially admitting to criminal conduct.

The pressure on Trump is set to intensify in the coming months. He faces a series of legal battles, including a fraud case and another lawsuit from Jean Carroll. His track record in court since November 2020 doesn’t inspire confidence, and his current trajectory suggests more losses ahead.

Amidst these challenges, Trump’s first criminal trial is slated for March 4, with another in May. Given the charges and past verdicts in similar cases, Trump’s prospects look grim. By the time of the Republican convention in July, Trump could be facing multiple felony convictions and an impending trial, all while being the 2024 front-runner.

Should Trump’s support wane to the point of him stepping aside, a potential replacement like Tim Scott could pose a significant challenge for the Democrats. Biden and Trump, despite their mutual animosity, are politically interdependent. Both benefit from being the “lesser evil” in the eyes of their respective bases. However, if Trump exits the scene, the dynamics change drastically.

Current polls paint a bleak picture for Biden. If the Republicans were to pivot to a candidate like Tim Scott, the Democrats would be caught off guard. Scott, being a more dynamic and articulate contender, could pose a significant threat to Biden’s chances. The potential shift in the Republican nomination could lead to a tumultuous period for the Democrats, with debates about replacing Biden as their nominee.

Despite the Republican Party’s challenges during Biden’s tenure, they might still emerge victorious in 2024, capitalizing on the Democrats’ missteps and unforeseen circumstances.

Original article source: The Hill

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