Special Counsel Urges Gag Order for Trump Following Controversial Comments and Attacks

Special Counsel Jack Smith is pushing for a gag order against former President Donald Trump, in light of inflammatory comments made against key figures involved in cases against him.

Quick Facts

  • Jack Smith’s proposal: A new filing was submitted by Special Counsel Jack Smith to enforce a gag order against ex-President Donald Trump, following a tirade targeting Gen. Mark Milley and Federal District Judge Tanya Chutkan.
  • Defendant’s controversial statements: The filing points to Trump’s comments on Truth Social and other media platforms, accusing various individuals and suggesting punitive measures against them.
  • Motive for the gag order: The government aims to uphold the due administration of justice in this case, and believes a gag order is crucial to prevent further prejudicial statements.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has been instrumental in forwarding a new proposal for a gag order against ex-President Donald Trump. This follows Trump’s aggressive outbursts about Gen. Mark Milley and blatant attacks on individuals such as Federal District Judge Tanya Chutkan. Smith’s prior motion, filed a couple of weeks ago, sought a limited gag order. But recent events have compelled the Special Counsel’s team to emphasize the urgency of their request.

According to the filing, the government’s suggested order to limit the parties’ statements under Local Criminal Rule 57.7(c) is deemed crucial for maintaining the integrity of the judicial process in the present case. Trump’s opposition has been underscored by numerous misleading assumptions, notably that his remarks haven’t been intimidating or biased. This assertion is contrasted by Trump’s frequent attacks on key personalities and insinuations about their credibility, influencing potential jurors’ perceptions.

Jack Smith remains adamant about the necessity of such an order, drawing attention to Trump’s continuous public comments that could potentially jeopardize a fair trial. Smith highlights the significant risk that these extrajudicial statements pose, not just in intimidating witnesses but in influencing the credibility of any witness in ways that sway prospective jurors.

For Further Reading Gag Order: A gag order is an order, typically a legal order by a court or government, restricting information or comment from being made public or passed onto any unauthorized third party. It’s employed to ensure fair trials, where pre-trial publicity might influence potential jurors, thus jeopardizing the administration of justice. [Wikipedia]


Why is there a call for a gag order against Donald Trump?

The call for a gag order stems from Trump’s inflammatory comments and attacks on key figures involved in legal cases against him, potentially prejudicing proceedings.

Who submitted the proposal for the gag order?

Special Counsel Jack Smith submitted the proposal in light of the recent inflammatory comments made by Trump.

What comments have been cited as grounds for this order?

Trump’s remarks about Gen. Mark Milley, his comments on Truth Social targeting various individuals, and his insinuations about the credibility of witnesses have been cited.

Original article source: Mediaite

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