Large Pig Repeatedly Invades Kingsland Home, Causing Distress to Local Family

A family in Kingsland, Texas experienced several distressing encounters with an unusually aggressive pig that not only attacked family members but also entered their home multiple times.

Quick Facts

  • Pig Description: The animal was described as weighing around 300 pounds, having black and white spots, and displaying signs of aggression such as foaming at the mouth.
  • Owner’s Reaction: The pig’s owner allegedly threatened the family when they considered defending themselves, questioning their choice to possibly harm the animal.
  • Llano County Sheriff’s Statement: The sheriff’s office confirmed the pig was returned to its owner and assured the public that the animal’s enclosure had been secured. No charges were to be filed as the pig was deemed not intentionally aggressive.

The shocking events began when Wendy Goldstein revealed that her daughter and elderly parents were attacked by the aggressive pig. The creature didn’t just confine its activities to the yard; it boldly entered their home, forcing family members to wrestle with it in attempts to push it out. One distressing account had Wendy’s mother trying to pin the pig down, only for it to overpower her and pin her down instead.

The issue didn’t end with just one encounter. The pig returned multiple times, leaving the family feeling trapped and scared in their own home. Wendy herself had to arm herself with a knife and hammer in a bid to defend her loved ones. The situation worsened when Animal Control attempted to control the animal using a pepper ball, only for it to run away and later target Wendy’s boyfriend. When FOX 7 interviewed Wendy, a Llano County deputy was on the scene, further emphasizing the severity of the issue.

Despite the traumatic experiences, the Llano County Sheriff’s Office decided not to press any charges. They deemed that the pig was not intentionally trying to attack anyone. This statement surely raises eyebrows, given the family’s ordeal and the multiple invasions into their home.

For Further Reading
Pigs as Domesticated Animals: Pigs have been domesticated for thousands of years, serving as a source of food, leather, and even pets for humans. Domestic pigs, generally known as swine, are believed to have been domesticated from wild boar. While they are generally docile, they can become aggressive under certain conditions. Their intelligence level is comparable to dogs and primates. Aggressive behavior in pigs can be due to various reasons including territorial disputes, fear, or health issues. [Wikipedia Source]


Were any family members seriously injured during the encounters?
No severe injuries were reported, but the family members did get banged up and bruised during their struggles with the pig.

How did the authorities respond to the situation?
The Llano County Sheriff’s Office returned the pig to its owner and ensured the public that measures had been taken to secure the animal’s enclosure.

Why were no charges pressed against the pig or its owner?
The Sheriff’s office deemed that the pig was not acting with the intent to harm and thus decided not to file any charges.

Original Article Source: “‘Very large pig’ barrels through Kingsland home, attacks family, returns multiple times” by Angela Shen, FOX 7 Austin, Published September 26, 2023.

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