Gene Simmons Reflects on KISS Journey and Personal Life as the Band Bids Farewell

Gene Simmons Opens Up About KISS, Relationships, and Feeling ‘Immortal’

As KISS prepares to bid farewell with their final performance, Gene Simmons, the co-founder and co-frontman of the band, shares his reflections on a journey spanning five decades. In a candid interview, Simmons discusses the band’s history, his personal life, and the deep bond he shares with fellow band member Paul Stanley.

  • Simmons and Stanley have been the creative force behind KISS.
  • Simmons acknowledges the Beatles as a significant influence.
  • The final KISS show will be at Madison Square Garden in December.

Simmons reminisces about the early days of KISS, recalling their first show in 1973 at a small dive bar in New York where only ten people showed up. Despite the humble beginnings, Simmons always felt a sense of wonder and excitement about their performances. He shares, “I remember looking across the stage and thinking, ‘Wow!’ … We were playing these songs that we wrote.”

Throughout the years, KISS has become synonymous with a life-affirming experience, blending the ridiculous with the sublime in their performances. Simmons emphasizes the band’s role in providing “wonderment” during their shows, offering an escape from the harsh realities of life. He shares a deep bond with Paul Stanley, describing him as the brother he never had. Their collaborative spirit and healthy competition have been the bedrock of the band’s success.

Simmons also opens up about his personal life, discussing his relationship with his wife, Shannon Tweed, with whom he has been for 40 years. He candidly talks about their open relationship and the deep bond they share, rooted in mutual respect and love. Simmons expresses a deep sense of gratitude for his journey with KISS and his personal life, stating, “I am the luckiest man on two legs who ever walked the face of the planet.”

Quick Facts Details
First KISS Show 1973, Popcorn Club, New York
Final KISS Show December, Madison Square Garden
Albums Sold Over 100 million
Shows Played Almost 3,000 globally
Band Members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley

As KISS approaches its final performance, fans and the band members alike anticipate a whirlpool of emotions. The journey of KISS is a testimony to the power of perseverance, collaboration, and the magic that music can create. Simmons’ reflections offer a deep insight into the band’s journey, painting a picture of a band that has not just created music, but a phenomenon that has touched millions of lives globally.

Source: The Guardian

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