France Orders Apple to Halt iPhone 12 Sales Over Elevated Radiation Levels

French Regulators Halt iPhone 12 Sales Due to Radiation Concerns

French authorities have instructed Apple to cease the sale of iPhone 12 in the country, citing radiation emissions surpassing the European Union’s standard limits. Apple has contested this directive, asserting that the device adheres to all requisite regulations.

  • iPhone 12 showcases higher radiation levels than the EU’s stipulated standard.
  • Apple urged to rectify the issue swiftly for existing users.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the specific cause of the elevated radiation levels in this model.

The National Frequency Agency of France recently discovered that the iPhone 12’s electromagnetic energy absorption rate is 5.74 watts per kilogram when held in hand or carried in a pocket, exceeding the EU’s threshold of 4 watts per kilogram. This finding emerged from a series of tests involving 141 cellphones. The agency has called upon Apple to “implement all available means to rapidly fix this malfunction” for phones presently in circulation, warning of a potential recall if the updates fail to address the issue.

Despite the heightened radiation levels, the digital minister of France noted that they remain considerably below the thresholds identified as harmful in scientific research. The agency acknowledged that its testing methods, which entail a six-minute transmission at maximum power in a liquid-filled mold simulating human tissue, do not accurately represent the typical usage of a phone. Moreover, the World Health Organization categorizes cellphones as “possible” carcinogens, a classification shared by substances like coffee and diesel fumes, which do not directly damage DNA.

Experts suggest that the increased radiation might be linked to the initial connection phase when the phone seeks a signal for transmission and reception. Apple maintains that the iPhone 12 complies with global standards for radiation, having secured certification from numerous international bodies. The company has furnished the French agency with a plethora of lab results, substantiating the phone’s compliance with the standards.

Quick Facts Details
Agency Involved French National Frequency Agency
EU Radiation Standard 4 watts per kilogram
iPhone 12 Radiation Level 5.74 watts per kilogram
Test Method Liquid-filled mold simulating human tissue
Apple’s Response Device complies with global standards

The development brings to the fore the critical issue of radiation emissions from mobile devices, a topic fraught with varying scientific opinions and regulatory standards. As Apple navigates this regulatory hurdle, users and potential buyers of iPhone 12 are keenly watching how the tech giant will address the concerns raised by the French authorities. The situation underscores the importance of stringent regulatory oversight in safeguarding public health while also highlighting the challenges tech companies face in complying with diverse global standards.

Source: AP News

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