U.S. Crude Oil Prices Surge to Over $90 a Barrel

On Thursday, U.S. crude oil prices experienced a significant increase, exceeding $90 per barrel due to growing expectations of a tighter supply. Here is a summary of the key points from the article:

  • U.S. crude oil prices topped $90 a barrel, reaching the highest level since November 2022.
  • West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude rose by 1.6%, attaining a high of $90.04 per barrel.
  • Brent crude also increased by 1.7%, hitting a 10-month peak at $93.47.
  • Saudi Arabia and Russia have prolonged their oil output cuts till the end of 2023, potentially leading to a substantial market deficit.
  • The International Energy Agency anticipates a significant supply shortfall from September onwards.
  • The surge in crude prices might result in escalated gasoline prices, exacerbating the current inflation issue.
  • WTI crude is on track for its third consecutive weekly gain, having risen about 13% this year.

Source: CNBC

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