Controversy Surrounds Presentation of ‘Alien Corpses’ in Mexican Congress

Debate Ignites Following ‘Alien Corpses’ Presentation in Mexico

A presentation involving the unveiling of two ‘alien corpses’ in the Mexican congress has sparked a heated debate, with some criticizing it as an ‘unsubstantiated stunt’.

  • Jaime Maussan and Dr. Jose Zalce Benitez presented the alleged ‘alien corpses’.
  • US Navy Lt. Ryan Graves criticized the presentation as a ‘huge step backwards’.
  • Specimens found near the Nazca Lines in Peru, believed to be about 1,000 years old.

In a recent event that has stirred controversy, journalist and UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan, along with forensic scientist Dr. Jose Zalce Benitez, presented what they claim to be ‘alien corpses’ to the Mexican congress. The alleged remains, which were showcased in a hearing on FANI, are said to be unrelated to any life form on Earth. The bodies, described as having three fingers on each hand and elongated heads, were reportedly found near the ancient Nazca Lines in Peru and are believed to be about 1,000 years old.

The presentation, however, faced backlash, with US Navy Lt. Ryan Graves, a participant in US congressional hearings on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), calling it a ‘huge step backwards’. Graves expressed disappointment over the presentation, terming it an ‘unsubstantiated stunt’. Despite the criticism, Maussan and Benitez urged scientists to conduct their own studies on the specimens and defended the authenticity of their discovery.

The bodies were described as having characteristics ‘more typical of birds’, including a retractable neck and a long skull. They were also noted to have light bones and lacked teeth. The presenters mentioned that the beings carried ‘eggs’ with embryos inside them and had implants of cadmium and osmium metals. The researchers encouraged scientific institutions to investigate the findings, emphasizing that ‘we are not alone’.

Quick Facts Details
Presenters Jaime Maussan and Dr. Jose Zalce Benitez
Critics US Navy Lt. Ryan Graves
Location of Discovery Near Nazca Lines, Peru
Estimated Age of Specimens 1,000 years
Characteristics of the Bodies Three fingers, elongated heads, bird-like features

The presentation of ‘alien corpses’ in the Mexican congress opens up a new chapter in the ongoing discussions about extraterrestrial life and unidentified phenomena. While it has faced criticism and skepticism, it also brings forth the possibility of exploring unknown realms of life and the universe. As the debate continues, it will be interesting to see how the scientific community and the public respond to this controversial revelation.

Source: Daily Mail

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