Did Russian President Vladimir Putin suffer a cardiac arrest?

Recent rumors have emerged about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s health, suggesting he suffered a cardiac arrest. This article delves into the details and credibility of these reports.

Quick Facts

  • Rumors suggest that Vladimir Putin suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed in his presidential bedroom.
  • The source of this information, General SVR, a Telegram channel, has previously shared unverified stories about Putin’s health.
  • Despite these rumors, Putin was seen publicly last week, appearing to be in good health during official events.

The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been a topic of speculation for years. Recent reports suggest that he suffered a cardiac arrest, leading to widespread media attention. Various news outlets, including Indian magazine Business Today and British tabloid Daily Mirror, have reported on this alleged incident. However, the primary source of this information is a Telegram channel named General SVR, which has a history of sharing unverified and sometimes implausible rumors about Putin.

General SVR’s recent post from October 23, 2023, claimed that Putin was found in a concerning state and had to be moved to a specially equipped room for medical attention. The channel also mentioned that Putin’s condition had stabilized but had alarmed his inner circle. They further claimed that Putin’s doctors had previously warned about his deteriorating health. This Telegram channel has also shared other unverified stories, such as Putin using body doubles and discussions about his potential successor.

While the Kremlin is known for its secrecy, especially regarding Putin’s health, it’s essential to approach such rumors with caution. The Russian leader was seen in public events last week, suggesting he is in reasonable health. Furthermore, other sources have speculated about Putin’s health in the past, with some suggesting he underwent treatment for advanced cancer. However, without concrete evidence, it remains crucial to differentiate between verified information and rumors.

For Further ReadingCardiac Arrest: A cardiac arrest occurs when the heart suddenly stops beating, leading to a loss of blood flow to the body’s organs. Symptoms can include sudden loss of responsiveness and abnormal or absent breathing. Immediate treatment, such as CPR, is crucial for survival. Cardiac arrest can result from various causes, including heart disease, respiratory arrest, and electrocution. It’s different from a heart attack, where blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked. For more information, visit Wikipedia.


Is there concrete evidence about Putin’s recent cardiac arrest?
No, the primary source of this information is a Telegram channel known for sharing unverified rumors. It’s essential to approach such claims with caution.

Has Putin been seen in public after these rumors?
Yes, Putin was seen attending official events last week, suggesting he is in reasonable health.

Have there been previous rumors about Putin’s health?
Yes, Putin’s health has been a topic of speculation for years, with various sources suggesting different health concerns, including advanced cancer.

Original article source: Newsweek

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