Nintendo Welcomes New Mario Voice

In a surprising twist, Nintendo has introduced Kevin Afghani as the fresh voice behind its iconic characters, Mario and Luigi, signaling a new era for the beloved franchise.

Quick Facts

  • Kevin Afghani is set to voice Mario and Luigi in the upcoming game Super Mario Bros. Wonder, releasing on October 20.
  • Previous voice actor, Charles Martinet, after giving life to Mario for over two decades, has shifted to the role of “Mario Ambassador.”
  • While Afghani is recognized for roles in Dragon Ball R&R and Genshin Impact, this is his most significant venture to date, marking a significant transition for the character.

Kevin Afghani’s rise as the new voice behind Mario and Luigi has come as unexpected news for fans worldwide. He’s stepping into some colossal shoes, considering Charles Martinet’s legendary two-decade-long association with the character. Martinet’s decision to step down and take on a new role as “Mario Ambassador” marks the end of an era, leaving fans nostalgic yet excited about what’s to come.

While Afghani’s voice acting experience includes roles in Dragon Ball R&R and Genshin Impact, the weight of Mario’s character is undeniably a game-changer for him. Given the immense popularity and recognition of Mario worldwide, this new role will undoubtedly push Afghani into the spotlight. Interestingly, his relative unfamiliarity in the industry might be an advantage, allowing fans to embrace this change without preconceived notions.

The way Nintendo unveiled Afghani’s involvement is also noteworthy. Initially, the company aimed to surprise fans by announcing him as Mario’s voice in the credits of the forthcoming game. However, due to speculations and a recent leak that indicated Afghani’s participation, Nintendo decided to confirm the rumors and make an early official announcement.

For Further Reading One of the notable highlights is the game Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This title is set to be the debut platform for Kevin Afghani as Mario’s voice. Scheduled for release on October 20 for the Nintendo Switch, the game is expected to be an essential chapter in Mario’s legacy, introducing fans to the new voice while maintaining the beloved essence of the franchise.


Who was the previous voice actor for Mario?
Charles Martinet voiced Mario for over 20 years and has recently transitioned to the role of “Mario Ambassador.”

What are some of Kevin Afghani’s other voice roles?
Kevin Afghani has voiced characters in Dragon Ball R&R, an unofficial fan-made audio parody, and the game Genshin Impact.

When is Super Mario Bros. Wonder releasing?
Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to release on October 20 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Mario’s new voice actor is rising from the depth of obscurity – DNyuz

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