Lemur Gives Springfield Police a Chase Before Being Safely Rescued

A Daring Escape and a Fluffy Fugitive: Lemur on the Loose in Springfield

In a rather unusual turn of events, Springfield police found themselves chasing a lemur through a public park. The small primate had escaped and was giving the officers a hard time as it sprinted and weaved through various obstacles including a parking lot, sidewalk, and around trees. The chase, which was captured on police body-camera, saw the officers equipped with nothing but a large towel trying to nab the speedy little creature.

  • Escape artist: A lemur with distinctive black-and-white banded tail.
  • Location: A public park in Springfield, Missouri.
  • Rescue gear: A large towel.
Quick Facts Details
Native Habitat Madagascar, off the south-east coast of the African mainland
Current Residence Connected with a local wildlife rescue agency in Springfield
City Ordinance Bans the keeping of wild animals as pets

The lemur, native to Madagascar, had been reported missing by its Springfield owners. However, due to a city ordinance that bans the keeping of wild animals as pets, the owners will not be able to reclaim it. The lemur is now connected with a local wildlife rescue agency where it will be “well cared for and loved,” according to the Springfield police department.

The chase ended with one officer managing to grab the lemur and hold it still while another wrapped it up snugly in the towel. This incident highlights the importance of adhering to local regulations that prohibit the keeping of wild animals as pets, ensuring the safety and well-being of both the animals and the community.

Lemur Defined
Lemurs are a type of primate known for their large, round reflective eyes and wailing calls that can be heard for miles. Native to Madagascar, they are recognized by their distinctive black-and-white banded tail. Lemurs are social creatures, living in groups led by a dominant female. Learn more about lemurs on Wikipedia.

This light-hearted incident brought a smile to many and showcased the Springfield police department’s commitment to ensuring the safety of all, be it humans or lemurs. It also serves as a reminder to adhere to local regulations concerning pet ownership to safeguard the well-being of animals and the community.

Source: The Guardian

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