Escaped Pennsylvania Prisoner Danelo Cavalcante Survived on Watermelons and Creek Water

Details Emerge on Danelo Cavalcante’s Survival Tactics During Two-Week Escape

After being on the run for two weeks, escaped Pennsylvania prisoner Danelo Cavalcante was captured, bringing to light the survival tactics he employed to remain undetected. Cavalcante managed to survive by eating fruits, mainly watermelons from a farm, and drinking water from creeks while concealing his waste to avoid detection.

Facts of the News
Cavalcante survived by eating watermelons and drinking creek water
He moved primarily at night and concealed himself under thick brush
The escapee concealed his waste to avoid detection

Cavalcante, who broke out of Chester County Prison in late August, revealed his survival methods post-capture. He stayed primarily nocturnal, moving mainly at night to avoid detection, and concealed himself under thick brushes. To further avoid detection, he took measures to hide his waste by covering it with leaves. The escape involved scaling a wall, climbing over razor wire, crossing a roof, and jumping to the ground to secure his freedom.

During his time on the run, Cavalcante had several close encounters with the officers, who were at times only 7 to 8 yards away from him. He remained in the same vicinity for several days, sustaining himself by eating watermelons from a farm and drinking water from nearby streams. The details were shared by Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Robert Clark during an appearance on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show.

The community breathed a sigh of relief with Cavalcante’s recapture, as fear had gripped Pennsylvania during his time as a fugitive. The convicted murderer is now back in custody, held in a state prison, bringing an end to the manhunt that involved a large contingent of police officers and federal marshals.

Manhunt Defined
A manhunt refers to an organized and intensive search for a person, typically a criminal who is attempting to evade capture. It involves coordinated efforts from law enforcement agencies to locate and apprehend the individual. Learn more about manhunts on Wikipedia.

What survival tactics did Cavalcante employ during his escape?

Danelo Cavalcante utilized several survival tactics during his two-week escape, including moving primarily at night to avoid detection, hiding under thick brushes, and concealing his waste. He sustained himself by eating watermelons from a farm and drinking water from creeks.

How close did the officers get to Cavalcante during the manhunt?

During the manhunt, there were instances where the officers were incredibly close to Cavalcante, being only 7 to 8 yards away from him. Despite the close calls, he managed to remain undetected by concealing himself effectively under thickets.

What has been the community’s reaction to Cavalcante’s recapture?

The community has expressed a collective sigh of relief following Cavalcante’s recapture. His escape had instilled fear in the Pennsylvania community, and his return to custody has brought an end to the anxiety and the intensive manhunt that ensued post his escape.

Source: TMZ

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