Study Suggests Vegan Cats May Be Healthier

A recent study conducted in the United Kingdom suggests that cats fed a vegan diet might be healthier compared to those consuming meat-based diets. Here are the key takeaways from the study:

  • The study was co-authored by Professor Andrew Knight from the University of Winchester.
  • Despite the primary protein source in many pet foods being cooked meat, there is a growing availability of products that use alternative protein sources such as plants or fungi.
  • Some veterinary experts have reservations about vegan diets for cats, mainly due to the absence of meat, eggs, and dairy in the diet.
  • The research involved analyzing survey data from 1,369 cat owners who provided details about the health and diet of one cat in their household that had been fed either a vegan or meat-based diet for at least a year.
  • About 9% of the participants reported feeding their cats a vegan diet.
  • Although the differences were not statistically significant, the results suggested that vegan diets were linked to fewer health issues, with vegan-fed cats generally requiring fewer vet visits and less medication.
  • 42% of meat-fed cat owners reported at least one health disorder, compared to 37% of vegan-fed cat owners.
  • The researchers emphasized that the study did not analyze the actual nutrient content of the cats’ diets.
  • The findings were published in the journal PLoS ONE.

Source: Study Finds